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Fr. Stephen OtvosA priest of the Roman Catholic Church of Montreal, Fr. Stephen Otvos has also studied in the fine arts. He firmly holds that within the beauty of creation we can find God. Not only can we find God through his creation but that in man we find his image imprinted on the human soul. To discover this we look to all that is noble and good, beautiful and true that comes from the human heart.

Building a Culture of Vocations!

Building a Culture of Vocations is not about recruitment to ordained ministry or religious life but about exploring and responding to the call that God has placed in ones heart. This can only lead to fullness of life. Along with being named pastor of St. Willibrord’s parish last September, I have also been named co-vocations [...]

Good Friday

According to the Church’s ancient tradition, the sacraments are not celebrated today. Instead the sacred liturgy proposes a three part celebration to commemorate the Lord’s Passion. In the first part, the Liturgy of the word, we read the holy scripture detailing the events and theology of Christ’s sacrifice. The Liturgy of the word however concludes [...]

A Time of Humility and Pastoral Charity even for the Pope.

In these last months since Jan 21, the Church, and particularly the Pope, have gone through a tough time. The lifting of the excommunication on the four Bishops of the Society of St Pius X, caused great uproar in Church circles as well as in relations with the Jewish people. Mistakes were admittedly made from [...]

Questions on the practice of Lent !

A friend has asked, what are we supposed to do during Lent? How is one to Fast? What is Ash Wednesday about and What particular things can one do for Lent? On matters of fasting and abstinence Ash Wednesday and Good Friday of the Easter Triduum are days of fasting and abstinence. Fasting consists of [...]

Edward Coley Jones’ Mary Magdalene and the Risen Lord

A Pre-Raphaelite painter, Sir Jones’ depiction of the encounter between Mary Magdalene and the Risen Christ is both beautiful and transcendent. He seems even to capture a Giotto-esque feel to each character with their formless drapery for clothes. This gives an otherworldly feel to the painting. But unlike Giotto, Jones’ realism in the faces of [...]

A need for Repentance and the Gift of Forgiveness

Recently, I discovered a clip from the television show, E.R. It showed a man facing the end of life with the burden of a perceived sin causing him great anxiety. He shares his distress with a so called spiritual councilor who cannot respond to his need for absolution, He states at one point “I need [...]

The Journey of the Disciples

Doesn’t being A Christian mean somehow that we have met the risen Christ, that we live now not just for him, but with Him? Every Easter season we read the passage of Luke’s Gospel about two disciples on their way to Emmaus, a town outside Jerusalem. This Gospel account is about a journey that often [...]