2010 communications day invites priests to use digital media

For World Communications Day 2010, Pope Benedict XVI has chosen the theme “The priest and pastoral ministry in a digital world: New media at the service of the Word.”

As the church celebrates the Year for Priests, the pope also wanted to invite the world’s priests to consider ways they could use digital media in their ministry, said a statement from the Pontifical Council for Social Communications. The Vatican announced the theme Sept. 29.

If understood and used wisely, new media technology “can offer priests and all pastoral workers a wealth of information and content that was difficult to access before, and facilitate forms of collaboration and greater communion in ways that were unthinkable in the past,” the statement said.

While the church also must be aware of and address problems the new digital culture causes, it said, the church should recognize the enormous potential new instruments of communication have in ministry and evangelization.

Thanks to the new media, those involved in preaching and catechizing can now reach individuals and entire communities on every continent using words, sounds and images, it said.

“If used wisely, and with the help of experts in technology and communications, the new media can become a valid and effective tool for priests and all pastoral workers for evangelization and communion that are true and full of meaning,” it said.

In most countries, the Catholic Church celebrates World Communications Day on the Sunday before Pentecost; in 2010 the communications day will be celebrated May 16. A papal message for the occasion usually is released Jan. 24, the feast of St. Francis de Sales, the patron of journalists. (source)

“The new media can become a valid and effective tool for priests and all pastoral workers for evangelization”, It can help to promote vocations too.

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Proposing Jesus and the Catholic Church by the Internet ? Take a look on this great video : Catholics Come Home (from catholicscomehome.org’s website)


Sick person

Over the next few months, Members of Parliament will discuss Bill C-384. This private member’s bill seeking to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide was introduced by MP Francine Lalonde of the Bloc Québécois. “It is important for us to speak up and let our government know that Canadianb citizens oppose this Bill!”, says the Catholic Organization for Life and Family of canada. (source)

Declarations and documents to help us in our reflection
(post on Catholic Church of Montreal’s website).

On this catholic website, you can find those elements :

1. CCCB President, Archbishop V. James Weisgerber, made a public declaration on Bill C-384 looking to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada. You can read it.

2. For further information available concerning Bill C-384, you may wish to refer to the following documents:

A) A publication from the Catholic Organization for Life and Family (COLF), Euthanasie and Assisted Suicide – Urgent Questions.

Life in the Balance : Workshop on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

B) Advocacy Alert by the Catholic Health Alliance of Canada on Bill C-384 .

C) A recent document from the Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute : The Question of Physician-Assisted Suicide in the UK and Implications for Canada.

3. You will also find these documents, prepared by the COLF to help the dioceses and parishes:
- a one page document on Bill C-384.
- the Church speaks out.
- letter suggestions to your Member of Parliament.
- report on the second international symposium on euthanasia and assisted suicide in Lansdowne, Virginie, May 29-30, 2009.

4. Say “No” To Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: No special circumstance can justify them. Brief presented to the Collège des Médecins du Québec.

The Catholic Organization for Life and Family (COLF) help us in our reflection. They ask us to write or call our MP. It is free and it can help others.

Please reject Bill C-384 because it goes against basic Canadian values.

The law can only guarantee safety and respect for each Canadian life if it acknowledges that no one has the
power to kill anyone else. This is a social justice issue. Rather than creating a so-called right to die, protect our right to live!

Please reject Bill C-384 because it endangers all Canadians. The bill disrespects the
inherent and inviolable worth and personal dignity of each human life. It goes against public safety. The bill is not about autonomy or choice; it is about giving physicians the right to directly and intentionally cause death. Life-limiting conditions do not reduce the dignity and value of any human life!

Please reject Bill C-384 because it does not help those who are suffering. Requests to die
are often disguised cries for human warmth and love. The compassionate response is to provide social, emotional and spiritual support, and the best pain management and palliative care possible. Eliminate the pain, not the patient!

Please reject Bill C-384 because it opens the door to deadly abuse. This bill is a recipe for abuse of the vulnerable. Even people with no terminal illness or physical pain, like the chronically depressed or disabled, could be killed within two weeks of asking to die. The bill is vague about the degree of medical supervision needed to end a life. Stop the abuse before it happens!
(source : COLF)

* COLF is co-sponsored by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Supreme Council of the
Knights of Columbus. It promotes respect for human life and dignity and the essential role of the family.

Mgr Ventura : nuncio from Canada to France

Mgr Lionel Gendron auxiliary bishop of Montreal and Mgr Luigi Ventura at the Grand Seminary of Montreal

Pope Benedict appointed a new apostolic nuncio to France (Paris), Archbishop Luigi Ventura, currently the nuncio to Canada- (since june 22 2001)
(source : Zenit -news in french)

Launch of the 2009-2010 youth pastoral year

Montreal Youth Ministry

When : 4 pm – 8 PM on Sunday, September 27, 2009

Where : Montreal Grand Seminary
(2065 Sherbrooke St. West, near Metro Guy)

Exposition of youth groups, movements and organizations
Come share your photos, posters, audiovisual presentations of your
group/movement or organization!

This is a golden opportunity for your group to come and share the
beautiful gift of God that it is and to make itself and its mission known to
the youth of Montreal in all its splendour and liveliness!

Youth leaders, animators working with youth, youth organization leaders/coordinators,
camp counsellors, young adults, teens, etc. are invited to participate in order to discover
the incredible number of youth groups, movements, camps, and events that colour the
landscape of the Diocese of Montreal!

To reserve a kiosk go to this link (pdf file).

We look forward to seeing you on September 27 !!!

United in the mission!

And more …

Video of the Diocesan World Youth Day 2009

WYD Madrid 2011 : details


After Dilbert the most valuable office employee, there is Umbert, the unborn. As his website says, “the world’s most loveable baby hasn’t yet been born”

Umbert, the unborn

The Unborn Child Finally Has a Voice of His Own!

Meet Umbert the Unborn, the pre-natal comic strip character that is winning the hearts and minds of people throughout the country. Created by Gary Cangemi in 2001, Umbert appears weekly in the National Catholic Register and over 100 other publications serving nearly a million readers and growing.

Umbert is a pre-born infant of yet undetermined gender whose mother’s womb is his private universe, playground and think-tank from which he can anticipate life and the world that awaits him.

Umbert is a feisty, outspoken baby who loves life and wants respect. Umbert often appears in various stages of development from a single cell to a near term baby. Umbert the Unborn is an upbeat, funny and sometimes poignant cartoon about human life in all its glory and potential. Umbert’s purpose is to give a voice, personality and humanity to the unborn child and to change the hearts and minds of the “born” and the way we view life before birth.

Second volume of ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ expected next spring

First volume, “Jesus of Naz­areth,” published in 2007

Pope Benedict XVI’s second volume on the life of Jesus is likely to be completed next spring, a Vatican spokes­man said.

The book is expected to cover Christ’s childhood, Passion, death and resurrection. The first volume, “Jesus of Naz­areth,” was published in 2007.

Father Federico Lombardi told Cath­o­lic News Service Sept. 13 that next spring was a “realistic” target date for completion. He added that readying the manuscript for publication and translating it into other languages may delay it.

The pope has been working on the volume over the last two years, mostly during summer vacations. When he broke his right wrist in July, he was said to have been particularly disappointed because it meant he couldn’t write.

The 448-page first volume covered the life of Christ from the time of his baptism in the Jordan River to the transfiguration before his disciples. In it, Pope Bene­dict said Christ must be understood as the Son of God on a divine mission, not as a mere moralist or social re­for­mer.

The book said that while Christ did not bring a blueprint for social progress, he did bring a new vision based on love. (source)

Working to Lower the Divorce Rate


In U.S.A. one million children have their lives ripped apart annually, teenage pregnancy is all too common in our society, juvenile delinquency is rising at an alarming rate, and what is it that all of these social ills have in common? DIVORCE! And what is even worse is that we have began to accept this behavior as normal. (…)

In trouble marriage, ministers are called to identify the suffering in their own hearts and make that recognition the starting point of their service. They must go beyond their professional, somewhat aloof role and leave themselves open as fellow human beings with the same wounds and suffering as those they serve. In other words, they heal from their wounds. These are the words spoken in Henri Nouwen’s book, The Wounded Healer and they aptly describe the efforts of Greg and Julie Alexander.

Several years ago Greg and Julie Alexander were at a point where they concluded that a divorce was the only way out of what they thought to be a troubled marriage. Living a life based on the things that society says are important took them spiraling downward until they literally hit rock-bottom. A dear priest guided them back to the truths of the church and as they begin to learn those truths and incorporate them into their lives; they were able to restore the love that they once had for each other. After miraculously, returning from the brink of divorce by inviting God back into their relationship, Greg and Julie began working on what is now known as The Alexander House, a non-profit apostolate dedicated to the education and enrichment of marriage and family life. Their revolutionary Marriage Works N-HIM™ process is consistent with Roman Catholic Church teachings, traditional family values and virtues.

Their educational background includes Greg obtaining a bachelor’s degree in photo-communication from St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas and Julie with studies in business from St. Edward’s University as well. Combined they have over 22 years of experience in sales and marketing. They spent two and half years as Coordinators of the Family Life Office in the Diocese of Austin and a year and a half as House Parent at a maternity home in Georgetown, Texas, but their greatest learning has come through their relationship with one another and their children. Greg and Julie have been trained in coaching and numerous marriage camp; parenting education courses and together they bring a passion for helping individuals and couples be the best they can be. As speakers they bring a culmination of church teaching coupled with their own marriage and family experience and present it in a practical and energizing way. Together they have presented numerous workshops and talks around the nation and these events have provided individuals and couples with tremendous hope and encouragement in their existing and potential marriages. (Source : Alexander House’s website)

You can look at video Testimonies on this website page.

God is Committed to Your Marriage!

Pope Benedict to meet contemporary artists

His holiness thanks Wadie for Micha's painting (Micheline E. Abounassar) THE SAVIOR

Pope Benedict to meet with contemporary artists in the Sistine Chapel(video on You Tube)

Pope Benedict plans to meet up to 500 artists from around the world in November.

Comments from Micha :

Dear Fr. Silvain Cloutier,

I want to thank you for the kind article and picture of His Holiness Pope Benedictus XVI and Mr. Wadie Abunassar and I am humbly honored that one of my favorite oil printed painting “The Savior” Jesus of Nazareth was presented and gifted to His Holiness and The Holy See Blessed my kind Art Work in Jerusalem on May 12, 2009 where I did not have the chance to humbly see him in person yet… I hope & pray.

In fact, and with my ultimate believes that Our Lord Jesus of Nazareth the Prince of Peace is truly “the Alpha & the Omega”. Through Him, With Him, In Him, the love and compassion to one another can be reached into the Hearts while the absence of Justice is spreading harshly in our Globe.

I am so pleased to hear the Spiritual Art Encouragements of His Holiness meeting 500 Contemporary artists at the Vatican in the Sistine Chapel.
With my best wishes of success to all in their work and activities, and that the Art will keep on chairing our spiritual Catholic Church mission and to continue implementing by vision the True Words of Love and Life of Our Savior Jesus of Nazareth and Our Beloved Mother of God The Virgin Mary to the entire humanity so we can be All as One.

May the Providence accompany us with the blessings of The Holy See and the prayers of every Goodwill person; with our finest utmost sincere regards to all, assuring you that we are, Gratefully yours in Christ,

Micha/Micheline Edward Abounassar,
Edward (Father), Aida (Mother), Michael (Brother) Abounassar


(818) 522-7123 California, U.S.A

Catholic movie review


The Régie du cinéma du Québec serves the public. It examines all movies (whether to be shown in movie theatres or on video) as regards youth protection and the preservation of public order. Each movie is classified into an age category under the provisions of the Cinema Act : G (Général – For all), 13+, 16+, 18+. Classification can also be accompanied by one of the six indications provided by the Regulation respecting stamps for films. (source)

… but movies are often classified lower than in America or in the other province of Canada.

Inglorious Basterds is classified :

- UK:18 and over
- Canada:18A (Alberta/British Columbia/Manitoba)
- USA:R for strong graphic violence, language and brief sexuality
- Hungary:18
- Singapore:M18
- South Korea:18
- Australia: MA (mature)
- New Zealand: R16
- Ireland: 16+
- Germany:16 (bw)
- Portugal:M/16 (Qualidade)
- Iceland:16
- Netherlands:16
- Argentina:16
- Japan:R15+
- Norway:15
- Sweden:15
- Finland: K-15
- Canada:14A (Ontario)
- Canada:13+ (Quebec)
- France:-12

Therefore, in Quebec, this film may be viewed, purchased or rented only by persons 13 years of age or older. Chiidren under 13 may be admitted only if accompanied by an adult.

A thirteen years old (and under) kid can go to see this movie (or other movie like this one) with any adult without any problem… money talk!

In Quebec, “protection without censorship”

Since the mid 1960s, censorship is no longer practised in Québec. The Régie du cinéma does not, therefore, cut any material from films. Instead, it classifies them according to age groups. This system better meets the needs ot our society, protecting young people while ensuring the widest possible access to cinema. The ratings also provide the public with information that can help one decide what films to see.

Overall, films are judged according to general trends in Québec society and in such a way as to be in keeping with the rules of public order. However, when the Régie believes that a film presents a real danger to the public good, especially in terms of obscenity, it reserves the right to refuse classification. In such cases, the showing, sale and rental of the film are prohibited.

…Every work is judged in its entirety, and the rating seeks to reflect the overall effect of the film on young viewers.

Protecting youth ???

Just take a look at this preview “Inglorious Basterds”… and tell me “It is good for a kid under 13 to see this movie if is with his or her parent (or his or her’s friend’s parents)”. As few parents told me in theater business “Come on! They have seen worst at the TV”… No “parental guidance” ratings are used at home ? Take a look at this trailer ?

Inglorious Basterds Trailer HQ (2009)

This is only a trailer, a short part of the movie…

Thirtheen years ago (not twenty five years or more) this movie would have been classified 18+ (I was employee, and later theater manager, from 1984 to 1998)…

I know : this is a Quentin Tarantino movie… but a lot of movies in Quebec are under classified. Be carefull!

As catholic father or mother, you probably want to know if the movie you would like to watch with your kids has good christian values. I agree with you.

Just take a look at this site , this site or this site and see. It could help you!

Resources on stewardship

Exactly one week ago today I had a chance to give a conference presentation on stewardship. The conference was held here in Montreal, and 300 people attended. It was the first conference of its kind.

So as to not lose the momentum, a special static page has been created here on Adventus.org. You can access the page from the link on the right, or simply by using this URL: stewardship.adventus.org