Mission at Corpus Christi parish

I recently preached a parish mission at Corpus Christi parish in the West Island.

As promised, here are some downloads related to the event:

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  1. Stuart Jihn Tigchelaar left this response on March 21st, 2011 at 12:52 pm:

    This was an excellent launch into the very important question: “Who is God?” and the next three lectures (Why is there evil, What has God done about it and, How do we get with the program) should provide some comprehensible answers to the broader question. It was good to note is that the approach to the answer: ‘Who is God?’ was not head on but rather through the examination of other questions and issues for example: knowing God through the goodness of life, the truth of conscience (the voice of conscience) , the importance of the trinity, the nature of God (LOVE and Triune, the destiny of creation and for me the big question: What is the Meaning of life?. I feel that we will be continuing to examine these points and others at every step along the way. Fr Dowd gave a wonderful definition on Christian Meditation (listen, hear) and his answers to our questions were concise. More to come. Quies. Stuart~John Tigchelaar

  2. Mission at Corpus Christi parish | Catholic Canada left this response on April 23rd, 2012 at 4:29 pm:

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