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Father Thomas DowdFr. Thomas Dowd is a Roman Catholic priest for the Archdiocese of Montreal, Canada. He works in the diocesan curia as an associate director for the Office of Pastoral Personnel, and also teaches theology at Concordia University and the Grand Seminary of Montreal. He has been working with the Internet since 1994, and was the very first Canadian priest-blogger.

Mission at Corpus Christi parish

I recently preached a parish mission at Corpus Christi parish in the West Island. As promised, here are some downloads related to the event: The Story of Jesus, as found in the four canonical gospels and ordered as a continuous reading. Powerpoint slides Audio from a previous parish mission

Vocation and mission

I was recently invited to give a talk at the national conference for Singles for Christ Canada. It was entitled Vocation and Mission, and, as I promised the attendees, here are my slides and my audio.

Resources on stewardship

Exactly one week ago today I had a chance to give a conference presentation on stewardship. The conference was held here in Montreal, and 300 people attended. It was the first conference of its kind. So as to not lose the momentum, a special static page has been created here on You can access [...]

New theology course: Christian Understanding of God

I’ve begun teaching a course this term entitled the Christian Understanding of God (THEO 331). I’ve created a course web page for it, and those interested can find the course outline and related downloads on that site. I’ve also uploaded the first audio lectures from the course: Presentation of the course Course lecture, part 1 [...]

Parish and fabrique: an introduction

One of the ways that the province of Quebec is rather unique in the world is that its civil law includes a special statute on the governance of Roman Catholic parishes. It is a throwback to the old French colonial regime, when the king of France had a special responsibility for the protection and promotion [...]

What happens when we die?

Find out by listening to this homily, offered on the feast of All Souls.

Letter to my friends, especially those in the USA, about the financial crisis

Dear Adventus reader, I could not help but notice that many of you feel somewhat befuddled by the financial crisis that is going on. You are not alone, of course. Reading other internet blogs, for example, I can sense the rising tide of confusion and anger. As for myself, before I went into the priesthood [...]

The Adventus blogs are back in business

A recent move to a new server had a few hiccups, but it seems the Adventus blogs are back on track! Thanks for your patience!

New page on confession

A new page has been added to the list of available pages in our right-hand sidebar: it contains a set of audio files derived from a talk I gave on the sacrament of confession some time ago. I hope it will be useful!

Human origins, part 1: Evolution

Just what does the Catholic Church think of the theory of evolution? To be honest, it depends on which theory of evolution we mean. More than that, it depends on what we believe about the explanatory power of the theory. There are some who seem to treat the “theory of evolution” more like an ideology [...]