Connect with Your Soulmate in Montreal

Looking for a soulmate? Perhaps you know someone who has been on the lookout. Many people are desperately looking for someone they can love and give themselves to completely, for life. Indeed, it is not infrequent to find some good Catholics who would love to settle down and get married, but they just don’t find the person that shares their most basic principles. Lifelong fidelity in marriage is one of the beautiful fruits of a holy matrimony, so it is logical that one would want to facilitate that fidelity as much as possible. How do you find someone who shares the same basic principles of what is truly important in life, like faith, openness to life, work, etc? Some people have looked long and hard, but are just not ready to settle for someone who is nice, kind, enjoyable, but does not have an active or vibrant faith. Websites have gone a long way to match people up. Some of them charge considerable fees and are not always successful. And what is the point of finding Mr. or Ms. Right when they live half way across the globe? So there here is an initiative in Montreal for people who live here or around here and would like to meet other practicing Catholics and see if they can connect. It is just in its beginnings, but may prove successful in bringing about those lifelong connections. The site is called The Montreal & South Shore Catholic Meetup. Clearly, the name says it all. It is totally free; all you have to do is register and participate in any of the events you prefer. It is not the most traditional way to meet people, but if works, why not?

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