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Fr. Eric NicolaiFr. Eric Nicolai convert to Catholicism from Lutheranism, and is a priest of the Opus Dei Prelature ordained in Rome in 1994. He is currently chaplain of Riverview Centre, a student residence close to McGill University in Montreal. He can be reached at

People Love Jacques Philippe’s Work

One of the signs of a truly great book is when it is able to package perennial truths that we all need to hear in such a way that they seem new and vibrant.  This is one of the qualities of a French writer that I came across a few years ago, namely Fr. Jacques [...]

The Smoke and the Robes

If you’ve ever watched NBC, you’ve likely seen Larry Kudlow the host of CNBC’s “Kudlow & Company“.   Mr. Kudlow is a familiar face in Washington and on Wall Street — a renowned free market, supply-side economist armed with knowledge, vision, and integrity acquired over a storied career spanning three decades.  Problem is that he got addicted [...]

Is Google Making Us Stupid?

Every once in a while the Atlantic Monthly comes out with a serious article that is worth reading, even if it is pretty long.  Nicolas Carr has put out a long, dense piece about the impact of Google on how our brains are now humming along. I’m sure many people have seen this piece pop up in [...]

Peggy Noonan captures JP2 and B16

Here is a quick line from an article by Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal, an article definitely worth the read: Oh, you miss that old man when you are here! You feel the presence of his absence. The souvenir shops know. They sell framed pictures and ceramic plates of the pope: John Paul. [...]

Feedback on “Catholics Come Home” Website

Here’s an update on that post about that website “Catholics Come Home” , with those stunning videos. As you recall, the two most popular ads were “Epic” and “Movie”, where different people sit alone in a hanger and watch the movie of their lives, seeing all the bad things they did, and the good. The [...]

Connect with Your Soulmate in Montreal

Looking for a soulmate? Perhaps you know someone who has been on the lookout. Many people are desperately looking for someone they can love and give themselves to completely, for life. Indeed, it is not infrequent to find some good Catholics who would love to settle down and get married, but they just don’t find [...]