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Human beings are spiritual beings. We were created with a deep desire in our hearts for God. Baptism is the sacrament that consecrates that desire, putting us in a direct relationship with God as adopted sons and daughters. Articles in these categories are meant to help people discover that call to a relationship with God. They help people respond to that call in baptism, whether by helping people come to the sacrament of baptism itself, or by helping people to rediscover their baptism by helping them to renew their relationship with God.

What happens when we die?

Find out by listening to this homily, offered on the feast of All Souls.

The Journey of the Disciples

Doesn’t being A Christian mean somehow that we have met the risen Christ, that we live now not just for him, but with Him? Every Easter season we read the passage of Luke’s Gospel about two disciples on their way to Emmaus, a town outside Jerusalem. This Gospel account is about a journey that often [...]