People Love Jacques Philippe’s Work

One of the signs of a truly great book is when it is able to package perennial truths that we all need to hear in such a way that they seem new and vibrant.  This is one of the qualities of a French writer that I came across a few years ago, namely Fr. Jacques Philippe, a priest of the Community of the Beatitudes.  His most popular work is “Interior Freedom”.   Recently I suggested it to someone who looked at it with certain hesitation and said she’d try it out.  She ended up reading it three times and ordered six copies for her friends.  I heard of the prior of a monastery who read it and immediately ordered 100 copies for his community.  Scepter Publishers has translated it along with his other works, the most recent being “Called to Life”, about the ways in which God calls us through events, the people, and through his Word.  I came across a nifty new website dedicated to Jacques Philippe’s books in English translation.  The website has a new age kind of look to it, with clouds and an aura of serenity to it, but if you were to doubt its Catholic content, just read some of the quotes that have been provided by the webmaster.