Catholic movie review


The Régie du cinéma du Québec serves the public. It examines all movies (whether to be shown in movie theatres or on video) as regards youth protection and the preservation of public order. Each movie is classified into an age category under the provisions of the Cinema Act : G (Général – For all), 13+, 16+, 18+. Classification can also be accompanied by one of the six indications provided by the Regulation respecting stamps for films. (source)

… but movies are often classified lower than in America or in the other province of Canada.

Inglorious Basterds is classified :

- UK:18 and over
- Canada:18A (Alberta/British Columbia/Manitoba)
- USA:R for strong graphic violence, language and brief sexuality
- Hungary:18
- Singapore:M18
- South Korea:18
- Australia: MA (mature)
- New Zealand: R16
- Ireland: 16+
- Germany:16 (bw)
- Portugal:M/16 (Qualidade)
- Iceland:16
- Netherlands:16
- Argentina:16
- Japan:R15+
- Norway:15
- Sweden:15
- Finland: K-15
- Canada:14A (Ontario)
- Canada:13+ (Quebec)
- France:-12

Therefore, in Quebec, this film may be viewed, purchased or rented only by persons 13 years of age or older. Chiidren under 13 may be admitted only if accompanied by an adult.

A thirteen years old (and under) kid can go to see this movie (or other movie like this one) with any adult without any problem… money talk!

In Quebec, “protection without censorship”

Since the mid 1960s, censorship is no longer practised in Québec. The Régie du cinéma does not, therefore, cut any material from films. Instead, it classifies them according to age groups. This system better meets the needs ot our society, protecting young people while ensuring the widest possible access to cinema. The ratings also provide the public with information that can help one decide what films to see.

Overall, films are judged according to general trends in Québec society and in such a way as to be in keeping with the rules of public order. However, when the Régie believes that a film presents a real danger to the public good, especially in terms of obscenity, it reserves the right to refuse classification. In such cases, the showing, sale and rental of the film are prohibited.

…Every work is judged in its entirety, and the rating seeks to reflect the overall effect of the film on young viewers.

Protecting youth ???

Just take a look at this preview “Inglorious Basterds”… and tell me “It is good for a kid under 13 to see this movie if is with his or her parent (or his or her’s friend’s parents)”. As few parents told me in theater business “Come on! They have seen worst at the TV”… No “parental guidance” ratings are used at home ? Take a look at this trailer ?

Inglorious Basterds Trailer HQ (2009)

This is only a trailer, a short part of the movie…

Thirtheen years ago (not twenty five years or more) this movie would have been classified 18+ (I was employee, and later theater manager, from 1984 to 1998)…

I know : this is a Quentin Tarantino movie… but a lot of movies in Quebec are under classified. Be carefull!

As catholic father or mother, you probably want to know if the movie you would like to watch with your kids has good christian values. I agree with you.

Just take a look at this site , this site or this site and see. It could help you!